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Dinner With Danger

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My goal is to create unique dining experiences that showcase local talent and add to the rich food culture in Buffalo.
-Michael Danger Bernhardt 

Dinner With Danger was founded on May 3, 2010, following a conversation I had with a chef. We discussed the need for restaurateurs to keep an eye on the bottom line, and how that effected the culinary risks they could take, and how it influenced the menu. The discussion continued on to tasting menus, and what it would take to really let a Chef express their talents and creativity.

Dinner With Danger is the end result of this conversation.

The majority of our events will follow this basic formula:

Presale tickets, so the restaurant can order accordingly, and Chefs choice.

Allowing the Chefs the freedom to express their culinary creativity has, and will continue to, provide us with outstanding meals of the highest caliber!

I hope you can join us for one of these incredible events!

You will not eat better, than you will when you have Dinner With Danger!

If you’ve been looking for foodie heaven, you have found it!!


Michael Danger Bernhardt 

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